SAME Money Back Guarantee
Presently this the only option to order.

Fulfillment right away after instant online confirmation of deposit.

Bank of America has branches in every city or small town in the US. There's probably one a few blocks away from you. You can go to it and deposit in our a/c at a Teller in the Lobby while running other errands or even strolling or window-shopping.

Please go to the lobby of your nearest branch of Bank of America' and deposit (fastest way, instant upon confirmation) the remittance of your order in cash, check or MO to the Account No. 03736-xxxxx of 'Gold'. Only when you are ready to deposit, please email us for the xxxxx numbers.

Before depositing, on the face of the deposit slip you submit to the Teller, please legibly print your email address and name.

After the deposit please send us an email confirming the same. Upon confirming your deposit online, we will fill your order right away.

It's that easy and simple.

For any questions on your order or of any kind, please contact us at gold@computererase.com.


Please accept our gratitude for your interest in our service.