The Stock market is feared and for good reason. It can make or break you as it has so many people over time since it's inception hundreds of years ago. It is the money power behind everything you see around you.
It is easier to cross a glacier ice-fall than making money in the Stock market if one is unaware of the goings-on. Wall St. has it's own secrets and rules hidden from the public. For example, most people think that stocks go up due to investor demand and vice-versa. Well, not quite. And it has almost nothing to do with how the companies are doing financially either... Contrary to what people believe, the Stock Exchange does not engage in an aucton market where the highest bidder gets the stock. Rather, it's workings is quite different. People jump in the market when Specialists (more about them below) raise the prices and vice versa. You realize the magnitude of this revelation only when you get to know that the Stock Market Specialists are the 'Wizard of Oz' pulling the strings behind a facade. Your finding out about this is the proverbial 'Dorothy' unmasking the truth towards the end of the movie.

The main objective in investing or trading should be at least the preservation of Capital. Next comes profits. You can make money both ways - going up or down, as long as you bet the right way. The hard part is to be consistently right. But to be right, you have to know the dynamics that make the markets move; Things you hear in the open about the market is often plum wrong. In fact, they are almost exactly the opposite of what's true. We will tell you what sophisticated expressions like distribution, accumulation, volume and the rest of the Market lingo means.

The stock market is predatory. The Stock Market is the world's biggest Casino. We are living in a world where things are not what they seem. If you are a 'babe' in the stock market 'woods', please do not invest one cent in it. And especially, do NOT take the word of any stockbroker. The money you lose as a result will be your own. A stockbroker's advice cannot be trusted due to the conflict in interest involved in his/her job. You cannot blame him/her for that. A stockbroker's job is to make money for the brokerage firm and not for you. He is not obligated to tutor you the truth about the stock market. And why should he/she ? They make more money from the big-boys' large trades. The money the big-boys win is necessarily the money small-boys lose. The market gobbles money from the many and transfers it to the few by playing on your emotions against you like a bully snatching candy off a kid's hands. It can hurt very deeply. Please don't let that happen to you.
You must know the secrets thoroughly behind the market if you are to win consistently or win at all. NO one will tell you the secrets. The powers-that-be don't want you to know the truth about the stock market even for a fee no matter how high.

Do you know who the Specialists are ? Well, they are insiders. In an industry that is not supposed to have insiders. They sit near and work with the 'floor brokers' of the exchanges. Each Specialist is in-charge of about 40 or so stocks in the NY Stock Exchange. The Specialist work for the major shareholders of the companies listed in the stock exchanges. The Specialists do as they are told by these same Shareholders. They do things differently almost every time but their underlying purpose and objective is always the same - to take your money.
These market makers use all available subterfuges from astrology to witchcraft. Of course, all of them are red-herrings designed to either bring you in the market, stampede out or stay in the sidelines - at the wrong times... The majority of the investors thus move in herds in and out of the market at the beck and call of the market makers. All destined to part with their hard-earned money.
You should also familiarize yourself with the habits of these market makers - things they do and for what purposes and predict what they will do next. We will tell you all about that. Our cumulative experience spans more than 60 years in this business.

It's very simple. We show you how to piggy-back yourself with the Big Guys. Do what they do - by looking at the ticker tape and other signs such as Volume, watching for Big Block activity, to read the charts. It is an art in itself.
The Stock Market is also about Psychology and Mind Control. The market makers use every means at their disposal at creating overwhelming sentiments and psy-ops that they wield with maximum robotic precision. The market makers are the proverbal 'House' as in Casinos. Only those who can see through this deception will win.

Question - Are the odds any better than the Slot machine ? Answer - Absolutely yes. If you know and execute faithfully and unemotionally what we show you here the odds are 95% in your favour !!! And without this knowledge, the odds are almost 100% against you ! We show the reality about it that will take the mystery out of the Stock Market.

Don't waste another precious moment to find out the hidden secrets of the Stock Market. This kind of info. is just isn't revealed, given the power it has, to make you an another Forbes or a Rockefeller. It might save your life, marriage and family. Make Wall St. your own street. Yes, you can live on Wall St. Order today !

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