Hi ! I am Rich and I am a millionaire. And if I, of average intelligence can, anyone can.

Wealth. What is wealth and why do so few people have it ? I'm here to 'prep' in you, perseverance, discipline and experience aka wealth. If you have a sound mind and body you already are a millionaire, in a way. If you are financially broke, relax, you can become a millionaire in a short time. You have to believe in yourself. I never stopped believing in myself no matter what, even after it 'hit the fan' (lost count).

Each person's life is best suited in it's own unique way. So, enjoy being yourself. Don't try to be anyone else. You are perfect as long as you are learning and improving all the time. Do no compromise on your values either. Better not to do anything to compromise on your moral beliefs. Reason is that you should be happy doing what you do. You should look forward to the day when you get up every morning. You don't need to be overly educated or have experience or even have money. You must develop a rich mind. It should be congruous with love, health, wisdom, openness, cheerfulness and understanding. About others as well as yourself. That is real wealth. Real wealth is inside us. Comparitively, everything else is 'Brahma Bull'. Physical wealth will follow ... Leave it to me.

I want you to think of your future Business Name and then go to your City Clerk and pay the usual $20 or so and get your Business License. Then, order for my information and sit down and read the things I show in it. Read it over and over again. A million $ can be made in any endeavour and in any walk of life. Many have made millions by simply being employed all their lives and buying a house that appreciated in value year after year. I have presented plans after plans that will stimulate and catapault your mind into action. You may have your own ideas of make a million. Daydream all you want about the things you can do. That is how, you make your dreams come true. But don't daydream your life away. The key ingredient of success is to talk less and learn more every day. Know the facts and understand the world the best you can.

Money by itself is not happiness. Money can bring unhappiness too. Watch out for that.
Always be ready to improvise. Never be discouraged. Flexibility allows you to acknowledge what works and what doesn't. The end product of your enterprise should be money and happiness to others. If you can make people happy, they will come back and put a good word for you.

Remember also that there are Divine forces at work that shape our lives, that we humans are subject to those forces and we had better keep it in mind. That we are physically mortal beings and our primary work is for betterment of us all - to learn about who we truly are.
Success will not come in a day or a year. You have to keep at it. Even Bill Gates had to wait. His success started with 'Windows'. Before that, he was an owner of an ordinary Software Company. If there are obstacles in your way by nature or by other humans, do not worry because most of the ideas I show are obstacle-proof. And no one will be able to stop you. Keep at it until the 'wheels fall off'. Jobs are OK but they also go fast. I show how to create your own jobs - for life. They don't teach you in MBA how to be independent. I do. Doing is believing.
You want your dream job ? I show that too. Boom ! Get the job you want. In fact, I'll show you how to get several dream jobs at approximately the same time. You just pick the one(s) you want. That easy. It took me years to perfect this and now I am too old to use it. Lucky you.

I have compiled all of the things I did in my heyday which I would like to share with you. It shows you how I did it. I personally made extra sure life is easy for you guys.
I have shown scores of super ideas that anyone can use. It is so simple to do that it is crazy. I show more-than street smarts to success. Got no education ? No problem. There is no need of much college, although education does help attain finesse. But too much college makes you a job addict and overly job-dependent. No money ? Money is something that always helps, so save all you can. No experience ? Absolutely no problem. All you need is my information.

I show techniques for the educated or the unsophisticated that are time tested and which anyone can do. They can all be done easily because I did them all. One thing is certain. You will always have pocketsfull of cash. My information is an all-round 'Road to Success'. If you don't have the drive, hey, not to worry either beause I took care of that too. My information pumps up all the drive in you that you need. I have thought it all for you. The more millionaires in the world the better. Poverty sucks. Order today and take the steps for your birthright of making your first million dollars.

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