WE ARE NOT ALONE. This physical world is ruled by two distinct laws of attainment or abundance. If you can get these two laws to work for you, you got it made. This I discovered the hard way. I kept thinking in the past as to why some humans had an abundance and others not at all. It irked me to no end without any hope of finding out. Even so, I dreamed of finding out this 'el dorado' secret if that was the last thing I did. Was it some thing or actions that gave astounding abundance ? Or was it somehow conjuring up tricks that confounded other humans ? I ran around more than half my life everywhere looking for the answer but eventually found it quite by accident, when I had all but given up.

To make a long story short, in my dejection at not finding a clue, I started to act irrationally - doing some things that were not me. I had broken my routine behavior and was doing things that were really in contradiction to what I normally did. I had reached a new low. Probably the lowest in my life. While I was acting 'irrationally', a strange calm took over me. I decided to go on with it and continued on this 'new found' and 'irratiional' behavior. I had become a robotic entity, reaching out in a way I had never done before. Mysteriously, everything changed soon but gradually. Indeed. That was the beginning of my new life of abudance. Unexpectedly, I HAD DONE IT.

The turn-around baffled me to no end. Making two and two, I experimented on my new actions and sure enough, soon found the co-relation between those actions and the material manifestations. It was so simple that it was almost terrifying. The more I repeated those actions, the greater the gravitation of materal things towards me. It worked EVERY TIME even though it seemed totally contradictory. These contradictory actions and results also explain why people never venture into these actions and therefore never find abundance.

These two laws are so important that when harnessed the abundance begins to find you waiting for you, catching you by surprise and often startling you. Only proves that the unseen forces that no one pays any mind to, do exist after all, and obey you in return for your obedience to them. These unseen forces are the Universal Mind or, if you will, the All Seeing Eye that is often mentioned. The abode of these forces is in the nether region (called 'Naad' in the Orient). These forces are the causeless forces that eternally spin around the 'time bound' Heavenly bodies. Their invisibility is their causelessness.

I finally learnt that these forces ceaselessly act upon us and everything else. They act for us, if we go along with the forces and against us if we go against them. For abundance, all we have to do is to simply become channels of these forces - to let them do their (and our) work. But people don't pay any mind to this. They may have an inkling about it, but they don't think and are too concerned about going along with their everyday emotions rather than work with these forces. Emotions are always in conflict with these Unseen Forces. Mostly, people are busy unwittingly working against these forces. This explains their lack of abundance no matter how hard they work.
It was quite simple. In every case among people that I studied, these people (myself included at the time) violated these two vital natural laws of creation. Armed with this sensational knowledge I decided to harness these two laws in practice to see if it would work for me because I was so broke I couldn't pay attention. Even though I had discovered enough indirect proof of the laws, I was still skeptical. The end result was truly a momentous affair for me something I will never ever forget - a new beginning, a new life of comfort and plenty. A complete miracle.

Now upon years of application of these two laws, I am neck deep in milk and honey. Please don't be envious. I want you to have even more than I have. I am contented with what I have. It doesn't take much for me to be contented.
I want to tell you about these two laws so bad it almost hurts. I warn you though, that when you I tell you about them, it will go against your grain. It is supposed to be that way. You might even be unwilling to use the laws. You must fight your emotions and use what I tell you. Before long, the abundance will begin to surround you, surreptitiously at first. Later, it will become the order of your life and engulf you.

Have no fear. NO ONE can fight and beat these forces, at least, not for long. Anyone who fights them will court disaster upon disaster. These forces are eternal and indestructible. They are bigger than the Universe itself because even the Universe, as big as it is, obeys them. Some of my friends are apprehensive of my divulging this secret for fear of depleting the limited money and resources in the world. Worry not. There are enough new riches made every day to go around endlessly. You too will be part of this endless supply.
It's late enough. Find out about this 'immense find' today. Please fill the Application and forward it to me with remittance today !!! Try it for as long as you wish and if it does not do what I said, no problem, I will return you your money back.

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