I dare you to get wealthy !!!

That's right. If people did not spend thousands and tens of thousands on expensive cars but bought used cars for a mere few hundreds that never broke down, invested the saved money in appreciating assets, there would be 10,0025 % more millionaires today. You too perhaps among them. But are you ? Just think about it... If you rather prefer a regular day or night job until you are 65, and are barely able to just pay on the home mortgage by retrirement, we have very little to tell you.
Instead, what if had you saved all that money you spent on new cars that you bought every five years ? You worked for 45 years and bought 9 new cars for a total payment of say, $1,000,000 in present value. That's where you lost your first million right off the bat. Just threw it as confetti or rather gave it away. Try to get it back. Instead if you had invested that $1,000,000 over the last 45 years or so, you would have been worth about at least $500,000,000. So you lost about $500 million. But its kinda late. If you had known this before when you were about 20 years old, would you have done something different ? You bet. But you can never go home again.

Let's twist the situation slightly a bit different. If you instead changing cars every 5 years, had instead changed houses every 5 years, then, with the appreciation of each house, the original $1,000,000 would have snowballed over the 45 years into say, about $15,000,000. Look at the difference in the scenarios. Of course, we are making some assumptions here on the rosier side such as you had constantly been employed throughout the 45 years and that the jobs were decent paying, your living expenses were minimal, you had less fun, etc. We are just making a point.

So showing off with new cars never got anyone ahead. This is where they lose their life's dream. Why slave your life away in buying costly cars - cars that often turn up as lemons and white elephants? Often to be replaced by other lemons stealing your life's earnings ! Moreover, the risk of losing your megabuckmobiles to repossessions, carjackings is ever-present due to eco-downturns, job losses and missed payments. Do you really have that kind of money to throw away and become a mental wreck ? Yet this is what most people do as part of their lifestyle. There is no need to spend a fortune and your sanity on this destructive cycle.
Did you know that some car companies design built-in obsolescense in their cars to self-destruct after a pre-set period - just so you keep buying their jinxed new cars ? Talk about spinning your wheels. The same car makers also offer ridiculously low to zero interest loans and fancy sales packages to mislead people into buying their 'Trojan Horses'. All designed to siphon your hard earned money year after year and send you to the poor-house. Why ? Because they make a fortune in new car sales and repair... In essence, a typical car you buy for $15,000, merrily costs you $30,000 with repairs in a typical 10-year cycle without you or others realizing this cyclical fleecing. Why go on like this ?

You will be amazed how great a car you can buy for next to nothing that runs without breakdowns for decades. They can never get stolen. Should you total it in a wreck, what have you lost ? A few hundred bucks ? Compare that to a guy I worked with who bought a brand new red corvette which, of course, he promptly totalled the front end of, on a cold drizzling morning. Though he had it fixed, he lost $10,000 right away in value, the moment the wreck happened. The accident also raised his insurance premium.
What about the risk of carjackings or thefts to new cars ? Carjackings often turn fatal. Do you want your new car to end up in a 'chopshop' ? Who would want to carjack or steal a used car no matter how great a condition it's in ? You couldn't get your used car carjacked or stolen if you paid to have it done. You also need all kinds of high insurance for a new car. For a used car, the inexpensive bare minimum 3rd party liability insurance would be enough.

IMPORTANT: Save all your hard-earned money and let it appreciate up in time. Cars are depreciating assets. They go down in value to ultimately near zero. Instead, invest money saved in your own condomimium complex or some other appreciating assets that go up in value even while you are asleep. Imagine getting wealthy right off the bat during your very first job.
Don't know the next thing about which make/model to buy ? No problem ! In one easy reading session, we will show you where to look and how to cherry-pick your golden used car for next to nothing that looks and drives like a million; and which to avoid like the plague; what to look for and tips on keeping it running trouble-free for the long haul. Drive it till the wheels fall off... If you are a young girl, a divorced lady on limited income, a very young man or an immigrant in a new country or even a novice with cars and lack information, and looking for a no-cost super car, you need our info. asap. No need to ask and get incomplete, misleading or just plain bad advice on cars or get burned with corrupt and mouthy car salesmen pointing you to worthless and expensive junk. Our recommended cars are easily available throughout the world.

Avoid costly car-mistakes that can drive you car-azy. Drive straight to wealth and success. We show it all in our ebook.
As a BONUS we will also show how you could increase the car mileage by 6-10% using a simple home-made gadget that costs less than a dollar that would run your car smooth as silk and increase engine life (save gas/petrol; how much is it today ? still $3 per gallon ? OMG !). OK, hurry and order for your super low-cost car now ! It is next best to a car that runs on water (free).
Order for this millionaire-maker today ! I dare you to get rich.

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