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Thanks for your help. I'm a satisfied customer. All I did was follow your instructions and now I now have a new credit file...
A Walker
Ft Smith, AR
Upon receiving the information from you on creating a new credit file, I have placed the info in use... I have obtained a credit card and an automobile using your method.
Today I signed the closing on a mortgage on a new home using your methods.
G Radke
Hewitt, TX
I received your information on a new credit file and I am most pleased with it.
R Zufelt
Wichita Falls
As former loan officer I enjoyed your book since it was refreshing freedom to see a way around the system that has left my credit not bad but too sour to be useful.
R Eberling
Rochester, NY
I got a copy of your Book entitled " Computer Erase Bad credit Free Instantly" And I am pleased to Say that I am very Happy with it.
G Cooper
Attapusgus, GA
"Computer Erased credit Repair", I received your book and was thoroughly impressed with the methods I had read about in your book.
A Blagmon Newport News, VA
P.S. the info you sent me is great thanks
J Opal
Wilmington, DE
I purchased your book last summer and never used it until last month. I was astonished when I received the new credit file from TRW in the mail... This was absolutely fantastic !
M Rambo
Concord, CA
Thank you very much for your book. It has been extremely helpful.
A Alkon
Northridge, CA
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