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Q Please send application and info to me.
A It's on the site. For now the only way to order is by Direct Deposit. By that, we ask you to deposit the remittance to our BOA Bank Account at the BOA Lobby nearest you. For full details please click on the 'Order Options' link on the main page. Many thanks.
Q What method are you endorsing? Is it legal? What is your guarantee? What's the catch ?
A There's no catch. We show several techniques of which at least one is 110% legal and others are technically legal. There is practically nothing to do and it works instantly. We have nothing to do with TIN or EIN#s like we said on the site. In any case there is so much we offer in the package that for 30 odd dollars it means the world to someone has a need for it. The guarantee is right on the application.
Q I am presently looking to find help with my credit problems and was wondering if you fine people can help as I live here in Canada ...
A Yes it works the same in Canada, Australia, UK or for that matter any country in the world the same as here in US.
Q ok. i have read the info on your site and i am a bit skeptical ... it sounds too good to be true.
A Yes it's all true. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. We are real and legit. - since the last 14 yrs. as we mentioned on the top of our site. We understand your skepticism and we appreciate your cautiousness which one should have in these times. Besides, no one will ever know other than you that you have more than one file. And you can use it sparingly per your needs. You can create one file for just driving priveleges, one for credit, another for travelling incognito, etc... Everything said on the site is 100% true. The guarantee is also right on the application. We have been at this since 1987 and are still here doing it. We live at the Post Office where the authorities know all about us.
Q In other words, I have NO CREDIT. Would you help me to BUILD a credit history. Are you able to obtain a GOLD credit card for me ?? I just need to build my credit here!!! If your answer is YES, I will really appreciate you contact me to this e mail address.
A Good news ! The answer is yes. We show how to add AAA credit in your old or new credit file virtually 'overnight'. Legally too. Order today.
Q I noticed on the form that it says new credit/DMV report - by creating a new credit report am I also creating a new DMV record? My DMV record is good and would like to leave that intact.
A It's upto you to create a new credit or DMV file. We supply complete info. Your old DMV file remains active even if you create a new credit or DMV file. But you can create a new DMV file anytime you desire to do it.
Q Can I use this immediately or will I have to do a million things first, don't don't worry I'm still going to buy this, I've this in the paper forever.....
A Thanks for your confidence in us. You don't have to do a thing to do it. And it works instantly. Ideal for any man or woman, busy, lazy or not. You may use this when you need it. This is info. you must buy and keep even to be used for a rainy day.
Q I was just wondering about a secure way of using my check card do you have the ability to accept visa check cards ...
A As of now, we are able to accept only mo/check/cash and no cc or any kind of cards. Sorry about that. We will let you know when this changes.
Q I would love to support your company, but I am afriad that the governement set this site up to entrap me ...
A We are not the govt. or anyone affiliated to it or any establishment. We are just a private party trying to help. Please take our word for it.
Q ... is there a number you can be reached, I have additional questions.
A You can reach us right here anytime. Feel free to ask any and all questions. We give full support 24 hrs 7 days 365 days anytime before or after you order. We do not use the phone because we are Mail-Order only. Sorry about that.
Q I would like to find out if this gets rid of the negative credit or just add more credit to my file along with a DUI case i have one and would like more information about getting it off please reply i will purchase both items ...
A This creates a new file instantly and adds good credit in it in a matter of days. Please remember that nothing is erased off your old file.A new DMV file can also be created as well with no DUI in it of course -) .
Q ... - would I be able to keep my social security number?
A Yes you can keep your SS# as well. Matter of fact we show several techniques of new file construction. Makes it very flexible. Totally upto you. You are in total control.
Q ... after i have paid for this program how long before my credit file will look good again ?
A Upon receipt we will rush you the complete info. and you just use it to work for you instantly. No work at all. Practically nothing to do. A 10 yr. old boy can do it with eyes closed.
Q I am only interested in chexsystems thing, is there a way I can get just that info...
A Chexsystems is much harder than other places but we will give you a few angles which should enable you to start a bank account immediately. It all comes in one package.
Q ... this system i would like to try this if i knew if would work,... and let me know if you can help ...
A Good news ! It works every time.
A Amazingly it takes almost no work at all. No forms to fill. Practically nothing to do. And it is done instantly. Can it get better ?
Q Do I have to pay on the old debts ?
A If you can please go ahead and do pay. If you can't then you can't. Your old debts will not reflect on your new file.
Q how do i know this is not a scam????????????????????
A This is one reason why we showed our track record on the top of our site for you to check us out. After a record since 1987 we would not do anything to jeopardize it now. You may inquire at the Post Office about us if you wish.
Q Please provide me with a phone # and mailing address so that I may call you and investigate your company.
A We are Mail-Order and do not use the phone. Sorry about that. Our address is Box 2202, Hollywood CA 90078. Every word we said is 100% true. We have been around since 1987 doing this very thing. Our address is at the Post Office where the authorities know all about us.
Q Do you have references?
A We have helped tens of thousands since 1987. However, our clients who have had bad credit do not want to come forward. We appreciate their privacy.
Q Will this only work if you have cleared everything either through payments or BK? If you have current collections, etc. do you have to get them cleared up and finalized first?
A You do NOT have to make any payments you cannot make. Also, if you already have filed Bankruptcy no problem. If you are thinking of not filing or filing Bankruptcy that too is no problem. What you do about your past debt has nothing to do with what we will show you. Again, You do NOT have to get any collections cleared if you cannot. As simple as that. Kiss them goodbye.
Q I read your ad $15,000 monthly mailing booklets: my questions are , does your company supply the booklets,envelopes and stamps for the homemailers program? Also , do I have to place classified ads in my local newspaper?
A Our Mailing Program is about the business of selling info. by mail-order through magazines or/and Internet - much like what we do. It is not required to put any ads. in the internet although you will have to submit to all the major search engines for people to pull your site up. But putting paid ads. will certainly help. There are also all kinds of sites like FFA sites which will accept free ads. It will your own Mail-Order business. We explain it all from start-up to sales so you can be successful. The Internet has especially made it absolutely possible at least for now. As it becomes more and more crowded it might become difficult. The time is right now. This info. is a must without which you may not be successful. And when you hit it right it might be for the rest of your life.
Q but I would like to know if the postage for the mailing of the booklets would be paid by the company ? I would also like to know the name of the company and also be getting paid would it be how is it exactly I would for the mailing of the booklets ? Do I have to sell anythng ? and how will the company keep tabs on me and my work ?
A This is an opportunity for you to get into a Mail-Order enterprise of your own. We practically give you the business in a sort of turn-key info. where you know exactly what to do at every turn. Just follow the steps and presto ! there is a lot of money to be made by you. We want nothing from it. It will be all your money.
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